Carved Mother of Pearl Moon Face Necklace

Carved Mother of Pearl Moon Face Necklace


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Beautiful Carved Mother of Pearl Moon Face Necklace set in sterling silver with blue topaz, iolite, baliĀ beads and toggle clasp.

TopazĀ  The vibrant energy of this beautiful stone brings joy, abundance, generosity, and all around wellness. It is known as a stone of love and good fortune and helps one attain goals. It is great for relaxation as it eases tensions of all kinds and soothes the nerves. Psychologically, it helps one discover inner riches, aiding in confidence and motivation. It promotes honesty, self-realization, self-control, and self-expression. It aids in problem solving and is very useful for those involved in the arts.

Iolite is a beautiful crystal with its violet and blue tones, it increases intuition, assists in dreams, journeying, illumination and exploration. Called “The Vikings Compass” it assists in our vision to help us move physically and spiritually from one realm to the next.Balance, perspective, inspiration, brings order to chaos, responsibility, self-assurance, endurance, a source of energy connected to twilight it stimulates astral bodies and psychic awareness. Vision, creativity, self-expression. Iolite aids in identifying, understanding and releasing causes of addiction bringing balance.

Mother of Pearl brings into alignment with prosperity, success, calm, beauty, wisdom, stimulate spiritual transformation, helps with focus. Represents the flow of emotions, intuition, and power of the moon. Calms extreme situations and encourages the flow of change. While energizing the sacral chakra, the pearl reduces worry, anxiety, and frustration. It helps us focus on our core self so we can understand who we are and who we are not.

Necklace length 16 1/2″ pendant length 1 1/2″ width 3/4″




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