Apatite Amethyst Three Strand Bracelet

Apatite Amethyst Three Strand Bracelet


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Apatite Amethyst Three Strand Bracelet. Beautiful blue apatite flat oval and rounds, amethyst, sterling silver Bali beads and multi-strand clasp. This bracelet is amazing! It’s loaded with sterling silver Bali beads, and the vibration of these gemstones is soothing and serene.
Amethyst: The stunning purple color of the amethyst has been a favorite among the royals for centuries. The name comes from the Greek, meaning not drunken. It acts as an all around healer and helps with harmony in all situations. It truly balances polarities and aids in self-control. The amethyst calms harsh emotions, brings stability, helps practical imagination, aids in meditation, and in peaceful sleep. Amethyst is also known as the sobriety stone. Very spiritual and aligned with the crown chakra.
Apatite can be blue, yellow, or green, and is sometimes called asparagus stone. It stimulates the intellect and dissolves negativity. It aids in communication and helps one express their true feelings. Apatite also activates intellect, helps activate psychic gifts, aids in structure and flexibility in all situations, and strengthens inner self. A great organizer of our personal issues.

Bracelet Length 8 1/4″


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