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Agate Stone Meaning

By April 11, 2016Gemstone Meaning

Agate Stone Meaning

Blue Agate StoneAgate Stone Meaning – Agate stone advocates strength, courage, longevity, love, healing, protection, and friendship. Agate balances the energy of Yin and Yang and helps eliminate negativity. A very beneficial stone for anyone involved in agriculture or botany. It can also be used to assist women with birth, access intuitive feelings, promote self-expression, and aid in optimism.

Drusy Agate is Agate that has sprouted crystals like a geode. Groundwater carrying dissolved silica is forced into porous areas of the rock as it cools it rapidly. This is what causes the crystals that form on the surface or in the cavities of the rock. It comes in every color with blue and green being the rarest.

Agates are also easy to dye. There are many different shades of backgrounds that can be made. They are very delicate and can be cut in many shapes, but care must be taken because they can break very easily. They should be avoided in rings and bracelets because they can wear very easily. The crystals are usually cut in different shapes to accentuate their beauty. Drusy Agate is very popular because of its versatility; it’s very inexpensive and makes very nice pieces of jewelry.

Drusy Agate Stone Meaning – It is known to have healing powers. It purifies and amplifies healing properties and strengthens the spirit. It’s also said to take away the symptoms of depression and fear. It was also used on the breastplates of armor to give warriors strength and make them victorious in battle.

Drusy jewelry can be cleaned with soapy water and a soft brush. Household chemicals should not be used on this type of jewelry because of the delicate nature of the stone. Applying any type of chemical could change the appearance of the stone or cause permanent damage or changes to its shape.

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