About SJC Jewelry

Inspired by the love and happiness her two amazing children have given her, Sophia and Jaxon, Wendy Kern has found herself on a spiritual journey channeled into the creation of the beautiful jewelry you see. As Wendy began her journey, she learned about the healing powers and gifts of crystals and the beautiful stones of the earth. She discovered that as she carried them around and placed them throughout her home, they made a tremendous impact in how she felt physically, emotionally, and spiritually. As a certified Reiki Master, Wendy has the ability to charge her masterpieces with Reiki energy, thus helping to heal physical and emotional difficulties and pain. The energy is there, it just needs the intent to direct it.

A special person in her life once told Wendy that she is the “soul of an artist” and that she needs to use the gifts given to her to bring more joy and happiness to life. She feels her creativity has been “let out to play and I’m just going along for the ride.” She creates all different styles and types of jewelry and says that inspiration comes to her daily. As she puts it “I feel such serenity and love while I am creating beautiful jewelry inspired from the Divine universal healing of love and light.” Wendy takes great pride in ensuring each piece has the perfect balance of beauty, energy, and healing qualities. “I meditate and send energy of love, healing, and grounding into the jewelry while I am creating it. I believe that each piece has someone out there who is meant to receive this special gift.”